4 Total Recovery Sessions

a month

1 Total Recovery Session per week

NormaTec's Full-length leg compression boots offer a fast and comprehensive leg recovery.  The boots use sequential pulsing compression technology to flush the muscle tissue of toxins and lactic acid dramatically reducing tightness and soreness. NormaTec is the Official Recovery System of the USA Triathlon as well as the Official Partner for the Ironman U.S. Series.  

Normatec Recovery System

Recovery Room

(30 mins of NormaTec & 15 mins of Game Ready)

30 mins - $20

Game Ready System 

NormaTec Recovery System

Pricing a la Carte

$50 per month

Game Ready's innovative technology sets a new standard in injury and post-op recovery treatment. The sleeve works by progressively increasing and decreasing pressure while efficiently circulating ice water through the multiple wrap chambers (localized cryotherapy with intermittent compression). When the GameReady sleeve is worn, it mimics natural muscle contractions while cooling the tissue. This stimulates tissue repair, pumps away swelling and encourages the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the damaged tissue. Perfect for athletes looking for a fast and effective recovery. 

15 mins - $20

Game Ready System

Pittsburgh's State-Of-The-Art Recovery Room

​Game Ready and Normatec System

45 mins - $35