Medical Massage

Membership Pricing
30-Minute   |   $44
60-Minute   |   $69

Now Scheduling at Wexford and at CrossFit Mindfire

Customized Massage

Session Pricing
30-Minute   |   $50

60-Minute   |   $85

Get your massages at Next Level with our highly-trained massage therapist. Every massage includes Active Release Technique, and either Graston or Cupping, depending on individual need. 


Pick a category that most suits your individual goals
Options are:
Recovery - focuses on recovery, diminishing delayed-onset muscle soreness, and relieving muscle tension.
Sports Performance  -  focuses on minimizing regional mobility restrictions in soft tissue to maximize performance.
Injury Management  -  focuses on alleviating pain and aiding in tissue healing after an injury.

Pricing is for both the Customized and Medical Massage options. 

Massage Pricing

Massage Membership

Memberships include 1 monthly massage. 

All additional massages will be at member price.

3 month commitment required. 

Massage Therapy, Sports Chiropractic Care Wexford, Sewickley, Franklin Park

Therapeutic-style massage tailored for your needs.