Brent O.

"I was referred to Dr. Scott by my trainer. Over the past 18 months, I was having pain in my hip that bothered me after exercise, golf, and while sleeping. Dr. Scott was able to pin point the problem and design an efficient plan of attack. After just 4 visits the pain is gone and I am playing goo and pain free golf again. Thanks Justin!!

Lon W.

"My experience with Next Level started when I significantly injured my mid back while playing golf. The pain restricted me in every facet of daily living and kept me from any real level of sleep for weeks. After 2 consults with medical physicians and multiple visits to another chiropractor, I was basically told to take a year off from all major activities and just allow rest and ice to heal the area. Upon my first consult with Dr. Scott he spent a full hour one-on-one reviewing my case and evaluating my injury. I expected Dr. Scott would give me the usual line, "We need to see you for the next 3-6 months" but rather he stated, "I need to see you for a total of 4 visits". He was steadfast in his assurance that he would have me back on the golf course, pain free, in 3 weeks! We immediately set out to resolve my injury through a combination of spinal manipulations, soft tissue adhesion therapy, at home exercises with in-office guidance and finally orthopedic massage.

Incredibly, 3 weeks later I played 18 holes, pain free! The difference I see from other chiropractic centers that simply manipulate the spine and send you on your way is that Dr. Scott combines the best of differing disciplines of therapy to individualize a treatment plan for the patient. His methods truly heal the injury, prevent recurrences and ensure pain is eliminated.