Stephanie R.

"I had severe pain in my shoulder and was unable to move up arm up in front of my body. I am an orthodontist and need to have full range of motion in order to treat patients. I saw Dr. Scott and after one treatment I was 75% better than I was when I walked into his office and felt 100% better after just my second treatment. Dr. Scott is fantastic and truly takes the time to identify the underlying cause behind your pain and understand his patients' needs. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing musculoskeletal pain."

Dennis C.

"In early January, I experienced severe back pain with restricted movement in my lower back. Being a new resident of North Pittsburgh, I did not have a chiropractor in the area. I selected Dr. Scott from the information I found on his website. This was definitely the right choice. Dr. Scott is very professional and has a good working knowledge and expertise in his profession. Dr. Scott performed the initial examination and developed a treatment plan. I experienced relief after the first visit and all my problems were resolved in less than 3 weeks. I also received instructions for home exercises to prevent a recurrence. It is now 6 months later and the problem has not returned.

Five months later, I experienced an unrelated problem with pain and restricted motion in my neck. I returned to Dr. Scott for treatment and again benefited from his knowledge and expertise. Within 2 weeks, Dr. Scott was able to resolve my problem, providing complete pain relief and restoring full range of motion.

My experiences with Dr. Scott and his office staff have exceeded my expectations. I have referred family members to Dr. Scott and they too are more than satisfied with his work and the treatment they have received."

"During a flare up of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was left with severe inflammation and pain in my left neck and shoulder, resulting in "pins and needle sensations" and at times, complete loss of feeling down my left arm and into my thumb. The nerve pain at times was unbearable. I had seen both a neurologist and orthopedist, as well as tried physical therapy - in the hopes of getting some relief. After 2 months of searching, I thought for sure I was headed for surgery. Before scheduling, a co-worker suggested I see Dr. Scott. During the first visit, Dr. Scott spent an incredible amount of time determining the source of my pain. He then developed an individualized plan for pain relief and muscle strengthening - using a combination of myofascial release, soft tissue treatments, and therapeutic exercises and massage. After a couple visits, I was already feeling relief! Amazingly, after a few more visits, I am relieved of ALL of my symptoms - the feeling in my arm and thumb have completely returned to normal, and have never returned.

Dr. Scott is extremely knowledgeable, open minded, and is great at listening to the needs of his patients. Even with a complex issue like rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Scott's unique and multi-faceted approach to treatment results in successful outcomes."

Cristen K.

"I have had many different doctors diagnose me with "major neck and back issues". I am in my car for 2,000-3,000 miles every month and often have to lift heavy things. I was in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. Dr Scott, without hesitation, was up for the challenge that most other doctors couldn't help me with. He immediately identified the major hot spots and problematic areas where I suffer from intense pain. After having many different chiropractors tell me I need months of treatment, Dr. Scott was able to treat and release me within 4 visits! Dr. Scott's superior knowledge of his trade and proficient performance with his treatment, enabled me to get back to recreational activities I have not done comfortably in years. I feel like I am in my mid 20's/early 30's again and am able to execute my activities without hesitation. Not only am I active again and able to play golf and other activities, but I no longer have fear of tenacious pain at the end of the day. I recommend Dr. Scott to everyone I know suffering from any level of pain."

Ben M.