Chris P.

I am an Iron Man competitor and I see Dr. Scott periodically for a number of different issues with my training. He keeps me on track when I am putting in hours in the pool, on the bike, and running. I found him on the ART website and he has really become and integral part of my training.

I had a baby earlier this year and was just starting to get back into running again. I got bad back pain every time I ran and I was getting really frustrated with it. I called Dr. Scott's office after a particularly painful run and Carrie (at the front desk - who is great, by the way!) got me squeezed in on the same day. I saw Dr. Scott for about 2 weeks and he completely got rid of my pain. He explained to me that a lot of my back pain was happening because I needed to strengthen my core, which was pretty surprising! He gave me some things to do to specifically strengthen my core and it has kept my back pain from coming back. Thank you Dr. Scott! :)

Shannon W.

I was training for the half-marathon when I started getting excrutiating pain in my heel and the bottom of my foot. I have had minor plantar facitis before but never this bad. I saw Dr. Scott and after only 3 visits, I felt 100% better and had no pain. Without Dr. Scott I never would have finished my first half marathon! Thanks Doc!

Bruce R.

Janine L.

I have been a competitive marathon runner for years but have had IT Band issues off-and-on ever since college. It always gets worse when I'm training and it got so bad while training for the Pittsburgh Marathon that I was ready to quit running competitively. I figured my body just couldn't handle it anymore. I was really depressed about it and a friend in my running group suggested that I should see Dr. Scott - I am SO glad I did!! He treated me with ART and I was out of pain right away, I was amazed! He showed me some different strengthening exercises to do on my own so that the same problems wouldn't come back. I am THRILLED to say that I now run and train pain-free! I send all of my training partners to see him now whenever something comes up and everyone has always been very happy with their results.

I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Scott...I am so glad that I came to see you and didn't give up on my running!!