We program workouts for:


Olympic Weightlifting

Strength Gain

Strength and Conditioning 

Functional Training 

Sport Specific
Weight Loss


Programs & Pricing​

2 workouts per week.... $55 per month

3 workouts per week.... $70 per month

4 workouts per week.... $85 per month

5 workouts per week.... $99 per month

Dial in your training with programming to fit YOU.

Programming that will make YOU better. Period.

Our programming enables you to receive personalized workouts to complete remotely at your home or gym.  Access all your work through Fitbot, an online program that you can open on your phone or computer.

Convenient. Accurate. Effective.

Custom Workout Programming

At Next Level, we offer personalized workout programming that is specific to you and your needs. As organisms, we realize that we are all different. One size fits all is NOT OUR STYLE. Our program is custom to crush your weaknesses and make your strengths stronger.