I had been having terrible shoulder pain after my workouts and was actually considering quitting Crossfit because it got so bad. I saw Dr. Scott for about 2 weeks - he did some soft tissue work on my shoulders and showed me some exercises to do on my own. My shoulders no longer hurt and I didn't have to quit Crossfit. I am so thankful to Dr. Scott for allowing me to keep doing what I love.

Bryan L.

I was having a lot of back pain from doing deadlifts but never sought treatment for anything. Then one day I really blew my back out. Dr. Scott had me out of pain in one visit. Once I was out of pain, he did a mobility assessment and showed me why deadlifts were hurting my back and gave me exercises to fix my form. He really knows his stuff and I now deadlift pain free and am stronger in that lift than I have ever been.

Christie D.

I had been struggling to get into an overhead squat position and my coach referred me to Dr. Scott because we couldn't figure out why I just couldn't get there. He did a really in depth and specific exam of all my movements. I was VERY skeptical when he told me that my overhead issues were caused by my ankle mobility but I followed through with what he prescribed. He gave me a very specific "corrective program" to address my ankle issues. I was blown away by how quickly I was able to hit a good overhead deep squat position - just by working on my ankles! I feel stronger and more stable in my overhead squat and PR'd in it shortly after seeing Dr. Scott! I've recommended him to a ton of people at my box and they have all had similar results. Thanks again, Dr. Scott!

Mark R.